“People don`t resist change, they resist being changed."
- Peter Senge


It is said that change is the only constant in life. This is especially true when you look at industrial companies. However, change processes in companies often create uncertainty, frustration and resistance amongst the employees.

People have different attitudes towards change, but someday they will all have to face the facts of a change in their environment.

My work is based on my own professional experience in supporting change processes in companies and on my own experiences with change in life. My customers are companies that not only want to focus on the changes in their processes, projects or services, but also wish to support their managers and employees during times of change.

I will be very happy to support the change process and “build bridges” so that the change becomes a success. You can rely on my full commitment.

In case you need more resources for this process: I have established a cooperation with Husi-Giessmann-Lippuner ( and we work closely together on all change projects for our customers.



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