"Our heads are round so that our thoughts can change direction" – Francis Picabia

As a business coach I support managers in finding their individual way of coping with difficult situations and in reaching their goals.

During this process I will be their guide, sparring partner, feedback provider and – last but not least – their emotional supporter and "bridge architect" who will lead them towards a good solution.

Potential topics:

- My leadership role

- Critical leadership situations

- Job coaching

- Working in a matrix

- Leadership in times of change

- Leadership and agility

- Self-development


During my coaching sessions, participants will benefit from my broad knowledge of all aspects of HR as well as my own leadership experience.



1) Coachings also on demand once I know the coachee and his/her objectives for the coaching process : short sparrings via telephone

(30 -60 min.) , depending on the needs of the coachee

2) Remote Coachings via Skype (independent of distance, so you can also have your coaching session from your home office).

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