“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs

The indicator of a well-functioning team is its performance.

A team is capable of producing a performance that its members could never achieve alone. The personal strengths of all team members will combine to create products or services which are more than the sum of their individual talents.

Yet situations and problems within teams can hinder the team’s performance. These difficulties can often be discussed and solved more successfully with an external coach.

In these situations I will support your team, steer the process and try to build bridges towards a sustainable solution. For this, I can draw on my solid experience in solving issues and my toolbox of methods tailored to fit the context.

New roles and responsiblities – Team conflicts - New team members – New team lead - Communication and cooperation

In my team coaching sessions I use various coaching methods and utilize my knowledge of group dynamics and facilitation. In addition, I am a licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery, so you will really get to know and take advantage of the resources of your team members.

My broad experience in the facilitation of team workshops with Insights Discovery can also be applied in combination with the following topics: Insights and Change, Insights and Leadership, Insights and Sales etc..

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